The Premier Marketing Academy is all about serving others. PMA was developed by a team of marketing professionals that saw a real need in the marketplace for high-quality, affordable online marketing education. Our founders have successfully promoted many different programs, products, and services over the past twenty+ years. Including “big-ticket” products, ecommerce stores, a multitude of affiliate programs, network marketing programs and more! And the one thing we ALL felt was a problem was this; we noticed that most people struggled to make any real money online. We also noticed a common occurrence; people jumping from one supposed “great business opportunity” to the next, only to meet with little or no success at all!

Why such a high failure rate? Why were so many people, who obviously had good intentions and a sincere desire to succeed, unable to do so? We quickly came to this conclusion; most people lackeda real knowledge or understanding about the key skills necessary to build a profitable online business. Most people buy into programs that promise to make them “riches”with just a few clicks of their mouse or keyboard. And when that doesn’t happen {and that NEVER happens by the way}, they get frustrated and quit. Only to repeat the cycle of failure all over again when they come across the “next great sales page!” Sound familiar? We know for many of you, this does sound all too familiar!

We were, and continue to be, determined to help people end this vicious cycle of failure once and for all!

And thus, the Premier Marketing Academy was born.

Our Mission

Our Mission here at the Premier Marketing Academy is to empower our members with the key skills necessary to build a profitable online business! Our entire membership platform is based on providing our members with high-quality, affordable marketing & business development education. The kind of education that can lead to “real results!” We provide our members with an abundance of online marketing training & resources so they can succeed! And we focus our education on the skills we know are necessary to achieve online success. What are those skills?

As you can see, there are many skills required to develop a profitable & sustainable online business. And that’s why so many people fail to make money online. They buy into different programs hoping that the “next” opportunity is the one that will take them to the promised land. The program names may change, but their skill sets haven’t improved, so the end results don’t change either. And that’s exactly what we are committed to changing here at the Premier Marketing Academy! We don’t make any outlandish income claims or make unrealistic, unattainable promises. We’ll leave that for everyone else. Instead, we focus 100% on helping our members acquire the skills & resources they need to succeed!

Our Values

Our Guiding Principle

We teach our members to “make money in service of others and NOT at the expense of others! ”Our guiding principle along with our governing values arewhat guides our daily actions. We believe that honesty, transparency, and integrity are important in life and in business. And here at the Premier Marketing Academy, they are the fundamental cornerstones of our company culture & character.

Our Promise to You

We make just one promise to our customers/members; that we will provide you with an abundance of high-quality education on a wide array of marketing & business development topics. And that we will continually focus our efforts on providing you with the training, tools, and resources you need to succeed! Did you notice what we didn’t promise? We didn’t promise that you will make a boatload of money or any money at all. Why? Because we know, as you should know, that at the end of the day, it’s up to the individual to take action and make it happen. We can’t guarantee your results; only you can by the actions you take and your personal level of commitment.

Earn While You Learn!

Make sure you check out our amazing affiliate program. You can earn $100-$500 per PMA Membership sale made {see affiliate program for details}. We want to give our members the opportunity to earn while they learn, and our affiliate program is structured to help our members do exactly that! In fact, you can recoup your PMA Membership fee by just sponsoring one person at the same membership level that you joined at

We hope you will decide to become a member so we can make your journey to building a profitable online business MUCH easier!

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