The purchase of a Premier Marketing Academy Membership & Marketing System is non-refundable.

This is due to the fact that once a membership is purchased, new members are granted immediate access to the Premier Marketing Academy Business Center, which contains a tremendous amount of training products, eBooks and software, and which are immediately available for download. To preserve the integrity of the products and the overall Premier Marketing Academy Membership Platform & Marketing System, neither the Premier Marketing nor any of our members/affiliates offer a REFUND on any membership purchased.

Please do NOT proceed with your purchase if you do not accept this Refund Policy and its Terms.

Any member, customer, or affiliate that instigates a credit/debit card charge back, or disputes any payment, will be in breach of the conditions above. You AGREED to these terms and conditions before applying for membership, and by executing payment to the Premier Marketing Academy and/or to one of our members/affiliates.

The Premier Marketing Academy will actively pursue through all legal means possible to recover any and all charges related to a charge back or payment dispute.

All legal hearings or procedures will take place in CA, in the USA. All costs incurred, including but not limited to; all travel costs and loss of time due to legal proceedings, whether legal or otherwise, will be included in the claim made against you.

Please only apply for membership and make your payment via credit/debit card if you understand the consequences of breaking these conditions.

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