The Premier Marketing Academy has an amazing affiliate program! All PMA Members can participate in our affiliate program at no additional cost. Our affiliate program gives our members an opportunity to earn affiliate commissions by sharing the Premier Marketing Academy Membership Platform & Marketing System.

As a Premier Marketing Academy Member/Affiliate you will earn 100% commission on any Membership Sales you make! Please Note: PMA Members/Affiliates acquire the reseller rights to whatever membership level they purchased andall lower membership levels from the level they purchased.

*PMA Members/Affiliates can upgrade their membership level at any time!

*PMA Members are automatically upgraded to whatever higher level membership sale they make. For example: If you’re a Gold Member and you make a Platinum Membership sale, you will automatically have your Gold membership upgraded to a Platinum membership

Please review the Premier Marketing Academy Affiliate Commission Schedule below:

Remember, you can only earn commissions for the membership level you purchased and the lower levels beneath the membership you purchased. And remember, you will automatically be upgraded to whatever higher level membership sale you make!

We offer our members/affiliates an amazing suite of affiliate tools! All PMA Members/Affiliates get the following suite of affiliate tools!

PMA Affiliate Tools

Below is a Profit Calculator we have made to give you an idea of the commissions you could earn if you decided to work the PMA Affiliate Program. Please Note:This profit calculator should NOT be construed as a guarantee of income; IT IS NOT! We simply want to give you an idea of what you could earn if you made PMA Membership Sales.

We are using $350 as the average sale in this profit calculator. Your average sale amount can and most likely will vary from week to week. Again, we are showing you this profit calculator to give you an idea of the earning POTENTIAL of a PMA Affiliate that is selling PMA Memberships. The income projections shown will obviously change based on your actual sales volume and average sale amount.

One of our most important goals here at the Premier Marketing Academy is to empower our members with the skills necessary to achieve success online! And one of the fastest ways our members can start applying the skills they learn to earn money, is by promoting the Premier Marketing Academy! As a PMA Affiliate you will have all the tools necessary to do exactly that!

Once you develop the skills that other successful online marketers are using, you can achieve success with your online business! And with a Premier Marketing Academy Membership, your journey to achieving success will be made MUCH easier! And we are committed to helping our members gain the skills necessary to achieve success!

One final important point; you will recoup your membership fee by making just one membership sale the same level that you joined at. For example, if you join at the Platinum Membership Level {$500}, you will recoup that investment with your very first Platinum Membership sale, since you will earn a $500 commission for making that sale.

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